Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Is Your Business Online? Your Competitors Are There

Is Your Business Online? Your Competitors Are There.

The use of online asset is no longer a fib but it is a profitable marketing strategies which yields better return on investment (ROI) in this competitive and evolving industry. The new marketing strategies take products/services to customers placing it where they can both see and review at anytime and anywhere with ease.

The world has changed and there is need to understand market trend using modern techniques to make proactive and fact-base decisions. The world has gone digital and as such business owners do not have a choice but to exploit the opportunities presented by social media platforms.
This is a fundamental shift in the way we market.
The old marketing practises use broadcast and print advertisement tools for promotion, advertising and campaign. These tools include magazines, flyers, television, radio, billboard and roadshow to name a few.
Though these have common limitations such as:

Miss It and Miss Out: Brand advertisement on billboards are only noticed by those who care to look, but with Social Media Marketing whatever goes to the Internet remains there for anyone to see anytime and anywhere. Facts and figures have it that 70% of people skip Billboard, Radio and TV advert. The social media marketing allows One to One target marketing.
Whatever goes to the Internet remains there
Higher Cost of Advertisement and Marketing: Though advertisement is an investment, the cost of placing advert on TV and radio are higher when compared with social media advertisement. The ordeals of getting APCON certification and placing advertisement do not exist on social media platforms. Social media marketing makes advertisement much easier and cost-effective.
Advertisement is an investment.
Measurement Metrics: Business owners should not be making intuitive decision; the desire to have an idea of the demography reach of advertisement and the effect on sales immediately and thereafter. Social Media Marketing (SMM) makes measurement simple, the audiences are known, their location, social demography (age, gender and social class), thereby creating a better avenue for classification and fact-based decision.
Social media creates a better avenue for classification and fact-based decision.
Accessibility: Marketers can’t engage every merchants and clientele at the same time, but social media marketing creates an avenue to talk to customers on a one to one basis. Just a click connects customers to the company and vice versa. This is a fundamental shift in the way we do business.
You can engage customers on a one to one basis.
May I ask? How do you feel when you start to see advertisement of your competitors on social media platforms like Facebook, FixitSME and BBM? There is no question you MUST start advertising on Facebook, FixitSME and BBM too. Because if you are seeing the advertisement, it is 100% likely your current customers and prospective customers are seeing these advertisements too.

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Social media is no longer an optional tool rather it is a crucial tool of any marketing and advertising campaigns

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